Callings Index


A crafter distilling the natural world into potions.

For players who like to plan ahead, collect ingredients, and do alchemy.

Animal’s Companion

A bonded pair of person and beast, facing the world side by side.

For players who want a cool pet or to ride a bear.


A collector and collator of knowledge.

For players who like to keep notes and read lore.


A builder of weapons, armor, and tools.

For players who like to craft items, or assemble mechanics like lego bricks.

Bag of Bones

A walking, talking skeleton.

For players who don’t want to be at risk of dying easily, and would like to play a living cartoon.

Blessed of Water

Empowered through spiritually bonding with an aquatic place.

For players who like free- form effects, or want to play a water bender.

Cleric of Small Gods

The only priest of a tiny deity whose words can change reality.

For players who prefer freeform magic over spell lists.

Crystal Wizard

A magic user harnessing the mystic properties of crystals.

For players who like to prepare magic before casting it, like to read through lists of magic, or want to focus on rituals over spells.

Demonic Sorcerer

A magic specialist borrowing the skills of a spirit living in their head.

For players who like to make do with random results, or like to talk to themselves.


Dedicated to an ideal. A paladin empowered through their faith and belief.

For players who like their character to live by a code.


Owner of a mystic weapon.

For players who want to hit things and cast spells at the same time.


A crafter of precise and unique magics.

For players who like to assemble unique effects out of logical or grammatical components.

Sneaky Bastard

An expert in self cloning and underhanded tricks.

For players who like plans within plans, and to be in two places at once.


A steward of a beast’s soul, able to transform into that creature through ancient rites.

For players who want to be an animal sometimes.


A magician of ancient secrets, assisted by their magically bonded familiar.

For players who want to cast spells and also have an adorable pet.