Core Rules


Characters have three Attributes represented by dice ranging in size from d4 to d12.

Strength (STR): Represents physical power, toughness, and endurance.

Dexterity (DEX): Represents speed, reflexes, and precision.

Willpower (WIL): Represents focus, alacrity, and concentration.


Grit is a character’s mental concentration and ability to avoid harm. Grit is lost when being attacked, performing complex tasks like casting Spells, or attempting to carry too much. It is not a measure of physical health, and lost Grit is restored quickly.

Grit is equal to 1, +1 for each time Max DEX and WIL have been stepped up. A character with high DEX and WIL will have high Grit, due to good reflexes and situational awareness.


Dice have five steps starting at d4 and ending at d12. A d4 is weak, d6 is average, d8 is noteworthy, d10 is strong and d12 is legendary.

If an effect tells you to step a die up or down, move it right or left along this track:

d4 ↔ d6 ↔ d8 ↔ d10 ↔ d12

Dice cannot be larger than a d12, and a die stepped down below a d4 is at zero.


When you want to do something, describe how you go about it and the GM will tell you if it’s possible and inform you of any obvious consequences of your action.

If the action is risky and carries potential consequences, you’ll make a Save by rolling your appropriate Attribute die to avoid them.

If you roll a 4 or higher you successfully avoid the consequences. If you fail, by rolling a 1-3, you suffer the consequences.

If the consequences you’re trying to avoid are directly caused by another creature, they’ll roll their appropriate Attribute and you must roll higher than their result to succeed. Rolling the same or lower is a failure and you suffer the consequences.

The side “causing” the potential consequences wins ties, while the side at risk of the consequences loses them.

If you have to make a Save with an Attribute whose die is below a d4 (at zero), you automatically fail.

When taking damage in combat you’ll need to roll higher than the amount you suffered to avoid consequences. See Combat for more details.

Save Modifiers

If you’re in a good position, but something could still go wrong, your Save is enhanced and you roll a d12 in addition to your Attribute die, then keep whichever is higher.

If you’re in a rough position, but you still have a chance to avoid the consequences, your Save is impaired and you’ll roll a d4 instead of your Attribute die.