Epitaph and XP

Your Epitaph is the list of your deeds and accomplishments significant enough to be remembered after your eventual death. Whenever your character does something noteworthy enough to be mentioned in their Epitaph, write down what it was and earn 1 XP. These moments can be heroic deeds, desperate acts, cunning plans, or even comical gaffs. They can be shared across the whole group, or individual to just one character. At the end of each session, everyone at the table can propose Epitaph entries for themselves or someone else. If there’s ever any doubt, the table votes.

Deciding what counts towards earning XP is a way to help set the tone of the game, as well as the pace of character advancement.

Calling Advancement

Spend XP to unlock abilities and make your character stronger. Spending XP represents your character’s ability to grow and improve with only their own experience and training.

Spend 2 XP to increase a d4 Attribute to a d6, 3 XP from d6 to d8, 4 XP from d8 to d10, and 5 XP from d10 to d12. Attributes cannot be raised higher than d12.

Each time you step up your Max DEX and WIL your Max Grit also increases by 1.

Advanced Abilities are ways your Calling can grow and advance from practice and experience.

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two.

2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP

You may want to tune these costs depending on how fast you expect to gain XP, and how long you expect your campaign to last.

Foreground Growth

XP is not the only way you will grow and change. You can gain new abilities or skills by seeking out magic, powers, people and opportunities. Gain leathery wings by eating the heart of a demon, open your inner eye by meditating for a week and a day with ancient monks, learn the formulae to the elixir of life by plundering the libraries of the Lich Mage.

Similarly, getting access to new Callings is done within the narrative of the game. Gaining a new Calling usually requires significant and intentional effort. Becoming a Witch means uncovering the ancient rites of familiar summoning. Becoming a Sorcerer means finding or summoning a spirit of chaos and convincing it to live in your head. Becoming a Blessed of Water means gaining the favor of a powerful water spirit.