The Mark of Death

When your character dies, they approach the Black River where Death greets them. Describe who Death appears as to you, and what you can glimpse beyond the Black River.

Either accept your fate, or roll a d6:

1: You are taken across the Black River by Death.

2-3: Death offers you a deal. If you accept the terms, return to life.

4-6: It is not your time. You return to life.

If you return to life after meeting Death, you are Marked by Death in some way.

If you are already Marked By Death when you die, Death offers you a deal on 2-6.

Returning to life does not automatically heal you or improve your (probably dire) situation, although it may be possible to haggle with Death to include some assistance as part of your deal.


When your character dies and crosses the Black River the rest of the table should take turns reading your Epitaph in memory of your character’s life.

Afterwards create a new character and rejoin the party as quickly as possible. Expediency should usually take precedence over realism, although if the party has any retainers, followers, or companions it can be fun to take over that character as your own.