Types of Magic

Magic broadly comes in two categories: spells and rituals. Spells are immediate but usually less powerful, whereas rituals take time to perform but can have sweeping effects.

Anyone can cast spells and perform rituals, they just need a Grimoire or Scroll to store them in.

Other types of magic exist, but have their own are unique mechanics and traditions.


Grimoires are bulky tomes which can store any number of spells and rituals.

Spells and rituals can be transferred into a Grimoire from another Grimoire or Scroll, but doing so takes an hour and removes the magic from the original source.


Scrolls store only a single spell or ritual, and may be used only once a day.


Rituals are powerful and long lasting, but are time consuming and inconvenient to perform.

To perform a ritual, read it out of the Grimoire while performing any required actions and sacrificing any required components.

Performing a ritual takes at least ten minutes, unless otherwise specified.


Spells are quick and easy to cast, but tend to have flashy and fleeting effects.

To cast a spell chant it aloud while using both hands to channel the magic. You must have your Grimoire or a Scroll on your person.

If you have Grit, set it to zero.

If you don’t have Grit, make a WIL Save. If you fail, step down your WIL and choose if you are knocked unconscious or the spell fails.

If a Spell does not list a duration it lasts as long as you continue to concentrate on it, but you are deprived and cannot regain your Grit as long as you do so.

Both hands must be involved in casting the spell. This includes holding wands, staffs, the Grimoire, or other related objects. You cannot be holding standard weapons or other objects. Put your sword away before casting magic!

Spells In Combat

When you cast a spell against a creature that is actively trying to avoid it, if the spell deals damage use that damage as a normal attack.

If the spell does not deal damage, roll your WIL as though it were an attack. If that attack deals Direct Damage, your spell takes effect instead of causing a Direct Damage Save.

Learning New Magic

Most characters learn new spells and rituals by finding them in the world. Some Callings have unique methods to gain new magic.