You Are A Runewright

You imbue and channel power through engraved symbols of power. Runes are subtler, slower, and longer lasting than spells. When applied properly, they are art.

You begin with knowledge of two Elements, two Verbs, and two Subjects.

You also have two Key Runes tattooed or otherwise engraved onto your body.

Core Ability - Runic Inscription

Your runic inscriptions incorporate one Element, one Verb, and one Subject. Inscribing a rune takes at least 10 minutes, and potentially more if the inscription is complex, large, or otherwise involved.

Tell the GM what your intended effect is and what components you plan to use to achieve that. They’ll tell you if that’s possible, or if you’ll have to do more to achieve your goal. Powerful or wide reaching effects might require a unique material to hold the rune, or for the rune to be duplicated in multiple places.

Activate an inscribed a rune by physically touching it to one of your Key Runes. You may deactivate a Rune from any distance to free a Key Rune to be used again. Any number of Runes can be inscribed, but only per Key Rune may be empowered simultaneously.

Whenever you spend XP gain an additional Key Rune.


Elements control what the rune deals with. They may be applied literally or metaphorically.

  • Air: breath, wind
  • Fire: burning, heat
  • Earth: solidity, weight
  • Water: liquid, change


Verbs control how the element of the rune is applied.

  • Enhance: addition, amplification
  • Impair: reduction, suppression
  • Move: motive force, relocation
  • Create: production, renewal
  • Destroy: removal, decay


Subjects control what is effected by the rune.

  • Self: acts on the specific element chosen for the rune
  • Object: acts on an inanimate object, often what the rune is inscribed onto
  • Creature: acts on a living thing, often what the rune is inscribed onto

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Expansive Research: Learn the remaining Elements, Verbs and Subjects from the standard lists.
  • Remote Control: You can activate inscribed runes from a distance without needing physical contact with the Key Rune used. You may also inscribe specific conditions into your run which, after being empowered, will cause a runes effects to activate upon the conditions being met.
  • Synergistic Conjunctions: You’ve learned the And component which lets you write runes that incorporate multiple Elements, Verbs, and Subjects simultaneously. This can also be used to chain several runes together.
  • Esoteric Elements: You’ve learned to manipulate the following two elements in your runes:
    • Time: dealing with speeding or slowing things.
    • Space: dealing with locations and distances.