Cast & Crew

This Cast & Crew are a collection of pre-generated characters, each based on a specific Calling. They can be used as pre-made characters for players in quick start games (just roll each of your Attribute Dice on the Starting Equipment Tables), or NPCs for GM use to populate the world.

Alchemist - Piksel, Reckless Experimentalist

3 Grit, d6 STR, d8 DEX, d4 WIL, Large Ladle (d6)

  • Constantly surrounded by an acrid, chemical smell.
  • A Backpack Still allows Piksel to process ingredients into components while on the move.

Known Recipes: * Sunbright Nectar: Shake while in bottle to produce warmth and light for hours, indistinguishable from sunlight. Break bottle to release a sudden flash of blinding light and burning heat. * Recipe: Green plant leaves plucked at night then dried in the sun, honey, brew in total darkness. * Universal Putty: Apply to an inanimate, hard material to render it as pliable as putty for 10 minutes, before it returns to its previous condition. * Recipe: Sap from tree roots which have split stone, venom from a stone serpent (or similar), boil over a low flame until the mixture thickens.

Wants: To collect the ingredients

Often Found: Tasting things she really shouldn’t.

Archivist - Craig, Driven Researcher

4 Grit, d4 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL, Bonefolder (d6)

  • Fussy, meticulous, annoyingly persistent if they believe you’re hiding something.
  • Carries The Great Scroll as their Archive (bulky)
    • Topic: Cryptic Codes & Ciphers
    • Topic: Illusions & Camouflage

Wants: To find knowledge hidden in secret patterns.

Often Found: Reading through their distinct helmet, looking for patterns where the text aligns with the punch holes.

Animal’s Companion - Karen, Careful Ranger

2 Grit, d8 STR, d6 DEX, d4 WIL, Colorful Axe (d6)

  • Always steps carefully, skittish like a cat, her opossum Susan mirrors her mood.
  • Quick to disappear into the surrounding undergrowth at the first sign of danger.

Wants: A nice, safe adventure.

Often Found: Making herself difficult to be found.

Companion - Susan, Opossum

4 Grit, 1 Armor, d6 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL, Ankle Biter (d8)

  • Fast
  • Marsupial
  • Vicious: causes a Morale Save on Direct Damage

Cleric of Small Gods - Max, Meticulous Collector

3 Grit, d6 STR, d4 DEX, d8 WIL, Cuboid Mace (d8)

  • Carries Xibur, the God of Organization
  • Takes disorganized places as a personal insult. Happy to while away hours in the dungeon ensuring the ancient pots are arranged just so.

Wants: To break and make organized systems and patterns.

Often Found: Reorganizing people’s things into his own, incomprehensible system.

Witch - Willamina, Curious Wanderer

2 Grit, d8 STR, d4 DEX, d6 WIL, Decorative Stick (d6, bulky, casting focus)

  • Insists to her familiar, Crebly, that her stick is ‘a vital part of the spellcasting process’.
  • Grimoire Contains:
    • Spell: Cloak of Winds
    • Spell: Watchful Eye
    • Ritual: Bottled Weather

Wants: To find the weirdest corners of the world, and then poke them with her stick.

Often Found: Poking the hornet’s nest, both proverbial and literally.

Familiar - Crebly, Owl

2 Grit, d4 STR, d4 DEX, d6 WIL, Talons (d4)

  • Flying
  • Clever
  • Perceptive: Distance and night vision.