5 Grit, 1 Armor, d6 STR, d6 DEX, d6 WIL, Melee (d8), Ranged (d6)

  • Jack of all trades, problem solver, mercenry, handyman
  • Wandering from place to place finding ways to make coin with continually variable morals
  • Roll on the STR Equipment table to see what unique weapons they wield

Wants: Filthy lucre.

Often Found: Delving into dangerous places in search of said lucre.


3 Grit, d8 STR, d6 DEX, d6 WIL, Bite (d8)

  • Strange aquatic, reptilian predators.
  • Seem to know more than they should. Hate falsehoods.

Wants: To be left alone, and to eat anyone who doesn’t respect that.

Often Found: 1d6 (1: Basking, 2: Napping, 3: Hissing, 4-5: Lying in Ambush, 6: Aggressing).

Fire God’s Shame

3 Grit, d4 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL, Peck (d6), sets cloth smoldering on Direct Damage.

  • A perpetually smoldering, ornery, and aggressive goose.
  • When killed, releases a d8 blast of flame.
  • Popular with travelers as its death flare cooks its meat perfectly.

Wants: Respect and bread crumbs.

Often Found: Harassing random passersby.

Fourteen Eyed Watcher

6 Grit, 1 Armor, d8 STR, d10 DEX, d8 WIL, Claws (d8+d8), Bite (d10)

  • Long limbs carry it disturbingly quickly across any surface.
  • Arrives at locations prior to momentous events, which has garnered it a reputation as a harbinger of doom.
  • If killed, a new Watcher reappears at the next new moon.

Wants: To witness change.

Often Found: Eyes glinting in the night, peering unsettlingly at whatever has attracted its attention.


3 Grit, d6 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL, Scavenged Weapon (d6)

  • Weird little guys
  • Cheerful hedonists
  • Not inherently hostile to others, but will respond with enthusiastic violence if attacked.

Wants: All that is best in life.

Often Found: In places they have no business being in.

Half-Dead Cat

3 Grit, d4 STR, d8 DEX, d8 WIL Claws (d6), Bite (d6), deals Direct Damage to WIL on odd damage rolls.

  • A cat who lost all nine of its lives, then somehow one more.
  • Half ethereal, unaffected by physical things unless it wants to be.
  • Having a Half-Dead Cat cross your path is considered to be good luck.

Wants: All the things a normal cat wants, if a normal cat was capable of sharpening its claws on your soul.

Often Found: Hunting mice, then toying with their souls.

Incubus Butterfly

2 Grit, d4 STR, d8 DEX, d10 WIL, Somnolescent Dust (d6, blast), deals Direct Damage to WIL. Enhanced if target is tricked by illusions.

  • Hides itself while projecting an illusion of a trustworthy figure.
  • If an illusion is suspected, it can be broken with a WIL save versus the Butterfly.
  • Sustains itself by drinking sleepers’ dreams by extending its proboscis through their ear.

Wants: To sup upon your dreams.

Often Found: Luring unsuspecting travelers to an area already saturated with its Dust.


1 Grit, d4 STR, d4 DEX, d4 WIL, Dagger (d6)

  • Makes enhanced Morale Saves as long as their Master lives.
  • Prone to getting overly attached to the nearest source of mystical maleficence.
  • Fiercely devoted right up until they become sniveling cowards when faced with immediate threats.

Wants: To serve a worthy master, but is willing to settle for almost anything.

Often Found: Incompetently carrying out dastardly deeds.


6 Grit, 2 Armor, d10 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL, Bite (d10), consumes a memory and restores d6 Grit on Wounds

  • Hulking mass of scrolls and books, an incredible if deadly repository of knowledge.
  • Bladed weapons and fire bypass Armor.
  • Able to teleport between libraries.
  • Summon copies of things from consumed books and memories with its quill.

Wants: Your most cherished memory.

Often Found: Lurking in the dark corners of libraries and scriptoriums.


3 Grit, d6 STR, d6 DEX, d6 WIL, Rusty Weapon (d6)

  • A collection of dead bones animated through evil magicks, confluence of dark energies, unfinished business, or other arcane happenstance.

Wants: To feel the warmth of life again.

Often Found: Repeating the actions its body would have taken in life.


3 Grit, d4 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL. Grabby Paws (d6)

  • Six legged raccoon-like creature.
  • Hunted nearly to extinction due to their incredible tasting meat.
  • Very clever, good at sneaking around to steal your trash.

Wants: To eat your trash but not be eaten in turn.

Often Found: Hiding in populated places searching for snacks.

Styrge Sphynx

4 Grit, d6 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL

Blood Sucking Proboscis (d8), steps up STR on Wounds

  • A mosquito-cat hybrid the size of a cow.
  • Emulates speech by vibrating its wings, which it uses to ask riddles.
  • Once a riddle is posed, its attacked are enhanced against anyone who hasn’t answered.
  • Anyone who answers a riddle incorrectly has all of their attributes impaired until they answer another riddle correctly.

Wants: To absolutely stump someone with a cracker of a riddle, then drain them of blood.

Often Found: Raiding book stores looking for new books of riddles.

Vulture Hydra

8 Grit, d8 STR, d8 DEX, d6 WIL, Bite (d6) For Each Head

  • Smells strongly of rotting flesh.
  • Not a predator, but highly territorial of scavenged kills.
  • Has d10 heads, and can regenerate lost heads by consuming a creature’s heart.
  • Special: On taking a Wound loses a head instead of losing attributes. Dies only when all heads are removed.

Wants: Some tasty, sun warmed organ meat. As a snack.

Often Found: Fiercely defending a found corpse from threats (real or imagined).


3 Grit, d4 STR, d6 DEX, d8 WIL, Staff (d4)

  • Carries a Grimoire with d4-1 random Spells, and d4-1 random Rituals
  • A dabbler in arcane forces beyond their own understanding
  • Blissfully unaware of danger both posed to others, and to themselves

Wants: To unlock the power of the cosmos with mystic secrets.

Often Found: Accidentally summoning horrors from beyond the mortal plane.