Items & Inventory

Bulky Items

You can carry as much as makes sense in your inventory without tracking it. However, if you are carrying more than two bulky items you have zero Grit and are deprived.

Bulky items are heavy or awkwardly sized, requiring two hands to hold.


Armor (i.e. 1 Armor) subtracts its score from the result of damage rolls against you. Items, such as shields, that grant bonus armor only apply while the item is held (i.e. +1 Armor). You cannot have more than 3 Armor in total.

Single pieces of equipment that grant 2 Armor are rare, and usually carry some sort of drawback or limitation.


Ammunition (arrows, bolts, bullets, etc.) are generally not tracked and considered to be unlimited, unless specific circumstances would lead to it being in short supply. Unique or specialty ammo is tracked individually where appropriate.

Wilderness Survival

When you make camp check for survival requirements:

  • Good Food
  • Clean Water
  • Warm Shelter

With all three after 6 hours you are rested and can heal 1 step of 1 attribute.

If you have two you’ll be rested, but cannot heal.

If you have one you’ll be deprived the next day.

If you have none you’ll be deprived the next day, and you lose 1 step of 1 attribute (your choice) due to exhaustion.

Survival Craft

Each character can make one attempt at providing Food, Water, or Shelter for themselves and their group when making camp.

Make a Save using an appropriate Attribute.

If you have appropriate tools, abilities, or skills you can provide for the whole group on a success, and for only yourself on a failures. Otherwise you can provide for yourself on a success, and no one on a failure.

Adverse weather, sparse or abundant surroundings, and other factors can enhance or impair this Save as usual. Particularly extreme situations might make them entirely impossible, or succeed automatically.


Supplies are a bulky item with three uses. They can be purchased for 30 coins almost anywhere (or refilled at 10 coins per use). They represent water, preserved food, and simple shelter.

Each use of Supplies can replace one missing requirement of Food, Water, or Shelter while making camp.


Any piece of equipment that permanently provides one of the survival requirements (like a tent for Warm Shelter) is expensive, bulky, limited, or magical.

A Collapsible Tent provides Warm Shelter, and folds down into a convenient package, but can only fit a single person within. A tent large enough to fit everyone would be bulky.

An Everflowing Flask provides permanent clean water, but only enough for one person each day.