Bag of Bones

You Are A Bag of Bones

You’re a skeleton, made of bones and animated by some supernatural force. You’re hard to kill permanently, and don’t stay down for long.

You start with nothing more than your Fearsome Visage and Lack of Flesh.

Core Ability - No Body to Love

Your Lack of Flesh grants you +1 Armor against physical damage.

Your Fearsome Visage will be initially frightening to most creatures, unless you take measures to obscure your form.

You do not require food, water, or sleep and as long as your skull remains intact you cannot fully die.

Direct Damage you suffer never overflows. When you suffer a Wound one of your limbs (or other significant part of your body) is broken off in addition to stepping down the relevant die. You don’t restore Attributes by resting, but instead by replacing lost or damaged bones.

If you willingly detach a limb, you remain in control of it (but are at risk of losing Attributes if those detached parts are broken).

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • No Bones About It: You can incorporate other bones into your body to grant yourself an innate ability of the original creature. Unless extreme measures are taken the grafted bones are fragile and risk breaking after activating the borrowed ability.
  • Your Bones Are Your Money: You can remove bones from your body to offer in trade (this still causes Attribute Loss). The person receiving your bones will believe they are valuable and greatly desirable. This glamour lasts until midnight, at which point they become aware they received nothing more than old bones.
  • Humerus Presence: You’ve developed a way of walking and talking that changes you from frightening to funny. Rather than an initial reaction of fear, you can choose for you first impression to be that of a harmless and hilarious bony jester.
  • Skeleton Crew: Animate a dead creature’s skeleton as a mount, minion, or pet. It has stats as it did in life, but crumbles to dust upon being Wounded. Follows orders but otherwise has the intelligence of a moderately bright dog. You can maintain a number of animated skeletons equal to the number of Advanced Abilities you have.