Example of Play

The following is an example of play intended to show how Brighter Worlds plays and runs at the table. It follows two players + a GM playing through the included Unfinished Business sample adventure, and is based off of the actual playtest sessions (although heavily edited).

It links will cite the rules being used at various times, and inserts will indicate GM thoughts on the current situation and the process they use to reach the rulings they make.

For ease of reading the player and character names are merged.


Alice is playing a Dryad Cleric of Small Gods, and carries a small potted plant with her: the physical form Arboreal of the god of

Bob is playing a Demonic Sorcerer, a demon named Chance is living in his head (and somehow the voice of reason in their relationship). Bob likes to flip a coin to see if he follows his own poor ideas or Chance’s more reasoned approach for their actions.

…to be continued…