You Are A Witch

A Familiar at your side, you channel the forces of magic across the mystic bond that connects you. You are a shepherd to ancient secrets, passed from person to person to keep them safe from forces who would rather see them lost.

You start with your Familiar, a small creature magically bonded to you, decide what sort of small creature they are and choose three Perks from the Animal’s Companion list to combine with these base stats:

1 Grit, d4 STR, d4 DEX, and d4 WIL, and a d4 attack

(A bird or other flying Companion requires you to choose the Flying Perk.)

You also start with a Grimoire storing two Spells and one Ritual of your choice.

Plus a fanciful hat upon your head.

Core Ability - Bonded Familiar

You can channel magic through your bond to have your Familiar cast a Spell in your place.

Casting a Spell through your Familiar works the same as you casting a spell, except the Familiar pays the costs instead of you: its Grit is set to zero, or it must make a WIL Save. Your Familiar can concentrate on a spell to maintain it by remaining Deprived as usual. You still need your Grimoire on your person to cast spells through your Familiar.

You may cast a Spell simultaneously with your Familiar, and separately concentrate on it, allowing you to cast and maintain two Spells simultaneously.

So long as you are alive, your Familiar cannot be permanently destroyed. If they are killed, the next time you rest you may resummon your Familiar instead of restoring Attribute Loss.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Wild Spellcapture: You know the ancient secrets of binding wild magic into spells and rituals. By disintegrating your familiar into raw magic while it interacts with a natural magical phenomenon, your Familiar Bond creates a direct link to the magic allowing you to bind it into your Grimoire (you’ll have to re-summon your Familiar afterwards). Work with the GM to determine the details of the spell or ritual you create.
  • Familiar Sights: You can borrow the senses of your familiar and guide them remotely.
  • Unfamiliar Familiar: Each time you re-summon your Familiar you can choose a new form for it to take (adjusting the Animal’s Companion options as needed).
  • Witch Steed: In your hands a broom, cauldron, or other household object becomes a flying steed.