You Are A Grimblade

And you have a grimblade, a unique and very large weapon that you’ve learned the trick of putting spells into. Whether you physically inscribe then onto a meteor metal blade, or embed the spells into a crystal hammer, you find this eminently more practical than lugging a big book around.

You start with Your Grimblade. Decide what sort of weapon it is: start with d10 damage and bulky, then add a single Improvement from the Artificer’s Improvement list.

Then pick two Spells that are contained within it.

Core Ability - Grimblade

Your Grimblade is a mystical weapon capable of storing spells (but not rituals) as though it were a Grimoire. It is indestructible, you always know where it is, and it doesn’t work for anyone but you.

When you deal Direct Damage with your Grimblade (not necessarily a Wound) you may immediately cast a Spell it contains without paying the usual costs (do not set your Grit to zero or make a Save).

You can still cast Spells from it as though it were a standard Grimoire, however if you wish to store and perform Rituals you’ll need a separate Grimoire to keep them in.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Hammerspace: You can store your Grimblade in a sub dimensional space (a Mary Poppins bag, a small portal, a tattoo, etc.) where it undetectable, but can be retrieved instantly.
  • Spell Disruption: You can destroy weak (and disrupt powerful) ongoing spells and enchantments with your Grimblade. If there is risk of magical backlash, make a STR Save to avoid it.
  • Mystic Strike: Set your Grit to zero to deal max damage on an attack. You can only do this if you’re not already at zero Grit.
  • I, Grimblade: Whether through the magic stored within it or from some other means, your Grimblade has become sentient and ambulatory. It can float, act, and attack on its own. It has 3 Grit and no Attributes, use your own if it needs to make a Save. Any amount of Direct Damage will incapacitate it until it can recover its Grit.