Sneaky Bastard

You Are A Sneaky Bastard

You’ve always been up to something. When people look one way, you’re going the other. There’s always at least one more ace up your sleeve. Of course all this has a tendency to ruffle feathers, so it’s a good thing you’ve got the perfect partner to watch your back… yourself.

Select which Self Cloning Technique you’ve mastered:

  • Split Self, divide your physical self in two.
  • Shadow Clone, you and your shadow can act dependently.
  • Illusory, create images of yourself.

You start with a Dramatic Looking Cloak and some Daggers (d6) hidden about your person. You always seem to have at least one more when you need one.

Core Ability - Self Cloning Technique

You’ve mastered one of the following self cloning techniques in your pursuit of being the sneakiest of all bastards.

Split Self

Divide yourself in two. Your clone has 1 Grit and d4 in all Attributes but may be improved by spending XP as you would yourself. You are both halves of yourself at all times and you both have access to your inventory, although only one half may use a specific item at any given time. If either half is killed, it will bud off of the remaining half after spending 6 hours resting.

Shadow Clone

You can split off your shadow and attach it to another creature so long as you or your shadow touches theirs. While attached you can see through their eyes and read their surface thoughts, or move to another creature in the same way. Your shadow can be destroyed with magic, bright lights, or if the creature it’s attached to is killed. If destroyed, your shadow can be reformed by spending 10 minutes in total darkness.

Illusory Images

Create up to two illusory clones within your line of sight. Your clones are insubstantial and intangible but are otherwise indistinguishable from your real self. You do not have to declare which is real until you or a clone would deal or recieve Direct Damage, or otherwise interact physically.

Advanced Abilities

Spend 2 XP to unlock your first Advanced Ability. Each subsequent Advanced Ability’s cost increases by two. (2 XP → 4 XP → 6 XP → 8 XP).

  • Multifarious Copies: When you create your clone you may freely change its physical appearance.
  • For He Can Creep: Your footsteps make no sound, and you are impossible to see by mundane means while you are motionless in shadow. You may extend this effect to anyone you choose within 10 feet of you.
  • Snap: Set your Grit to zero to instantly recall your clone to yourself, or yourself to your clone from any distance. Anyone touching you while you do so is carried along, although they may get a Save to break contact beforehand. You can only do this if you’re not already at zero Grit.
  • Pick Pocket: While a creature is totally unaware of your presence (discounting clones) you may swap an object they carry with an object of similar size and heft.